Xp-pen support in Console mode

I have now try the vista 3 Console mode on my setup, it seems to work great BUT the console mode don´t support my Xp-pen screen driver. Is there a fix for this?

Does it work in desktop mode?

If so I would suggest that the XP Pen is running some sort of background app that it is using to drive the input. Console mode (by design) would be not allowing these background processes to start.

All is not lost though, in R2 within the system preferences in console mode there is an option to allow certain processes to start. Have a look here and see if you can see anything related to the XPPen.

Hi Jack
it works with out any problems in desktop mode. I can´t se the driver in the system preferences in console mode. (the picture here shows witch drivers I can see in Console mode)

It’s nothing to do with the Logitech drivers is it?
When in desktop mode is there usually some sort of XP pen app/driver that runs in the start bar?

the logitech driver is for the keyboard.
yes in desktop mode there is a XP pen driver/app.

Can you link us to the driver? I will ask the Developers if they can take a look. It will likely be the fact that this isnt running in console mode.

yes her is it:


Apparently the normal windows touch drivers work with the XP pen.
If you install the drivers and go with the embedded Windows one does this help?

Maybe but would the windows driver support the buttons on the screen :thinking:

Windows drivers will work with your screen but the buttons will be locked to ctrl alt shift etc …