New features in Vista 3 R1


Continuing to impress with its intuitive, yet powerful, user interface Vista 3 has been developed to dramatically enhance the existing feature set whilst also introducing a host of major new features that will appeal to both existing and new users.

Vista 3 Key New Features

  • Improved fixture visualisations
  • A new colour engine
  • The ability to merge multiple showfiles
  • A new workspace concept
  • Enhanced command line support
  • FX masters
  • Export cuelists as CSVs


Improved fixture visualisations
Vista 3 is once again pushing the boundaries of what is possible with visual control.
In order to cope with the demands of today’s, and tomorrows, multi-element fixtures, Vista 3 offers users the ability to create their own custom fixture arrangements.
The result of this is that fixtures within Vista now closely resemble their real world counterparts, drastically reducing programming time and encouraging creativity by working visually.


New colour engine
Vista 3’s colour engine has undergone a major overhaul to be able to support the numerous colours now common in modern LED fixtures.

Up to 11 colours are supported, including Indigo, Congo, UV & Lime.

All colours are seamlessly integrated into Vista’s generic fixture model, providing the user with the creative flexibility to concentrate on the shows aesthetic design, rather than on individual technical details.

Merge Show data
Responding to user feedback Vista 3 has added the ability to be able to merge showfiles.

Fixtures, cuelists, presets and all other individual elements of a user’s show can now be imported from one existing showfile to another.

Numerous showfiles can be merged into one with no limitation on how many times the operation can be run, significantly reducing programing time whilst drastically increasing flexibility.

Once again responding to extensive user feedback, Vista 3 has added the ability for users to be able to save and recall application screen layouts.

Entire configurations, on both single and multi-monitor systems, can be recalled at the touch of a button, radically streamlining workflow whilst providing more visual detail, exactly when you need it.

Direct command interface
Vista 3 has significantly increased the number of actions that can be programmed through the use of conventional command line strings.

Commands can be inputted through a new touch screen interface or standard keyboard, providing accurate hands on control and lots of new programing shortcuts.

Vista’s visual workflow and the new direct command interface work in complete synergy, seamlessly allowing the user to decide upon which programming method is best for a specific task.

Vista’s syntax structure and layout should be instantly familiar to those users who are new to the Vista ecosystem.

FX masters
Vista users now have the creative freedom of generating an unlimited number of FX masters, which can be assigned to any physical playback.

FX masters provide accurate hands on control of any specified effect, profoundly increasing live show playback accuracy and flexibility.

Export cuelist info. as CSV
Vista users now are now able to export both fixture and cuelist data as a spreadsheet, enhancing Vista’s paperwork and show management capabilities.

In addition to entire cuelist playback information users are able to export fixture intensity values on a per cue basis.