Vista 3 R4 official software release!

Hello everyone!

I am pleased to announce that the next version of Vista - R4 is now available for official download.

As part of Chroma-Q®‘s ongoing commitment to increased functionality and enhanced capability, Vista 3 R4 contains over 200 improvements and new features.

Some major highlights include:

Support for the Newtek NDI™ video protocol – Video content from any NDI™ source on the network can now be directly streamed into Vista’s matrix pixel mapper, taking advantage of Vista’s powerful pixel arrangements and 11+ color control without the need for any third-party lighting data merges.

NDI™ sources can also be viewed directly within Vista in dedicated content preview windows. These could be from a media server, visualizer, or even live studio or stage camera.

Ableton™ Link support – Ableton™ Link is a technology that keeps devices in time over a local network. Link can be found in over 200 platforms across a range of products, including DJ Decks, band click tracks, media servers… and, of course, Ableton™ Live. Vista is now able to synchronise chases or FX masters to Link, ensuring that dynamic stage looks always stay perfectly in sync with the performance, requiring no further input from the lighting console operator, even if the performance increases or decreases tempo.

To learn additional new functionality and improvements please read the release notes.

To download the software, please visit the Vista by Chroma-Q website .

Please submit any questions or feedback to “”.

Best regards