Hello again,
Is the documentation for V3 in the works? I have some operator training coming up and I’d like to point them to it for reading but I don’t necessarily want to use the manual for V2 if I can even find it.

The manual for V3 is currently in the works. For right now using a combination of the V2 manual and the new features docs on the website are what are available.

The V2 manual is now on the Chroma-Q website in the downloads section.

I found it. Thanks!

Hi Ben,
Where exactly is the V2 Documentation - could not find anything but brochure and initial setup guide.
Could you provide a link?

You will have to go into the Downloads page:

Once you log in or create an account you can go to the Archives folder and then the Legacy Vista 2 software folder. That is where you will find the V2 manual.