Vista 3 R3 Laptop Build

Hello everyone,
I recently downloaded the Vista 3 R3 release, since it contains numerous improvements and a new user configurable window. However, I use Vista on my laptop (and my screen is only 1280 x 800 pixels), so after opening a showfile I realized that the user interface updates result in the vista controls becoming larger and having more padding. It feels like all of the buttons are a little too big for my screen. (To clarify, everything does fit on screen. But it feels clunky and as if the interface isn’t really designed to be viewed this small.) This is probably because the recommended window size is much larger than what I have on my laptop.

Does there exist a build of Vista 3 R3 better designed for laptops? If not, do you think one might be released in the future?


Hi Drew
The buttons are now default for touchscreen. A lot of the menus can be resized to be lists which work better for laptops. Click the spanner in the top right of any list to change its appearance.

Hi Drew,

It’s likely not the size of your screen that is the issue (Vista even runs fine on some tablets for example), it is your resolution. The minimum resolution we specify (and design with this in mind) is 1920X1080. (Full HD - which is arguably still “low res” when talking about today’s consumer electronics technology).

You may wish to experiment with the Windows scaling %.
For best results, apply the new scaling setting and then restart the Vista app.


It’s highly unlikely that we will go back to designing the Vista app for less than Full HD.

Thanks for the info, Jack!

Unfortunately, on macOS Sierra (which is what I’m on) there are not any options to increase the display resolution past 1280x800. Furthermore, this laptop is from 2011 so I’m hesitant to update.

After taking another look at it, I’ve realized that for the most part, everything fits. I scaled down the font size some, and that seems to be helping a lot. I’ve still noticed a few bugs with the size relation between items; for example, with the font size scaled down, the universe tabs in the patch window are pretty small, however the list of fixtures to the right is much larger. (see image below)

Those font size differences are probably just minor bugs with the new font size feature.

Thanks for the help!

Hi Drew,

I would suggest it is an issue with how your operating system is rendering the application. We have just tested this using Windows 10 Pro and MacOS BigSur and the text size is uniform. Although admittedly we are using HD or UHD displays.


I have an iMac with a 5K display running MacOS Mojave that I installed Vista 3 R3 on, and after resizing the window to 1280x800, the same issue seems to be there with the size difference. See the image below.

Even at other window sizes, the issue persists. Also note that a similar issue appears in the fixture chooser with the layout tabs near the bottom.

Furthermore, if I resize the text down to the smallest setting, then bring it back up to a reasonable size, the size of the universe tabs all match. With that in mind, it may be that when I originally launched vista it accidentally loaded the universe tabs at a different size than everything else.

Edit: just to clarify, after doing the above fix of resizing to the smallest size and resizing back to a reasonable size, the issue is no longer there. Even after quitting and relaunching vista, it doesn’t come back. This makes me think it was a temporary bug.