Fx window size

Hello, not a bug here but got some trouble with the fx window size while docked, i need to undock it to have a clear view to work on.

Hello Fabio,

What is your physical screen size and resolution?


hi Jack
1366x768, on vista 2 never had that issue.
Thanks in advance

For Vista 3 we are actually recommending a minimum resolution of 1920 X 1080.
Your specific screen is slightly short in the vertical plane, which is why you will be experiencing an extra small FX size section at the bottom. The reason you wouldn’t have had this in V2 is that we have added more FX options in V3, namely the handy (touch screen friendly) tap tempo button, which takes up additional vertical space.

Given that your screen resolution is vertically short I would suggest that the solution, as you mention, would be to float the FX window during the times you need more screen real estate.

yeah, i imagined it was something like the more option added, just wanted to be sure, anyway as said not a problem here!

ok, i dont want to open another thread so i try post this thing here, i was playing with my external touch screen and i was placing some item on it, the weird thing that happen is that if a click on a drop down menu on the external screen the menu appear on my first screen.
Picture for better comprehensionScreenshot%20(29)

I would suggest the problem is linked to your screen resolutions and drawing once again.
Needless to say, I cant recreate the issue. What resolution is your external screen ?
Out of interest… If you shrink the FX window slightly and bring it in from the edges of the screen do you still get the same issue?

i closed application and started again, it doesnt remember that my dockable window where on the external monitor and i found them on my primary, after have placed them again on the external one seems i do not have that issue anymore.
anyway now i added the external window1 view and placed my floating stuff there, everything is ok. thank you again

Vista should remember the floating pickers were on external screens. Again, this works correctly for me.
One thing to watch out for for is that your external items don’t nudge into your main screen by a couple of pixels. In this scenario your pickers would technically be on both screens at the same time. In these occasions, on startup, Vista would populate the pickers on the main screen.

Again, the external screen view is a much more elegant solution as you then have a single container that is, usually maximized, to the resolution of your external display.