Vista 3 freezing on start-up

When I start up Vista after my computer has been off, it will quickly freeze and I will get the rainbow pinwheel, Im on a mac mini. I have to force close the app and keep trying to open the app until it finally doesn’t freeze.

I’m not an expert on any of this at all, but I suggest getting a mac with higher RAM to help your software run more smoothly.

At what point does it freeze? Before or when getting to the “open show / new show / quit” pop up window, or when loading your show?

Sounds like you potentially have a computer issue, perhaps some background processes are not ending properly when you close Vista or restart your Mac. Make sure the “reopen programs” option isn’t checked when shutting down the Mac.

These are all wild guesses though. We need more details to actually help you.
Please submit an official support ticket on the Vista by CQ website.
Include a copy of your showfile and a video of your issue.