User Defined Default FX Settings

It would be great if there could be use default FX settings per show. When I’m doing certain events I know in advance that every FX will be random with a slower than default speed. Would be great if in the preferences you can set this as a default on a per show basis so if I build a FX on the fly it’s closer to what I need.

Or the FX could be built but doesn’t start till told to Go so I could build it blind and have it roughed in before going live. Sometimes things can’t be done with Stealth on because of other presets being fired while I set something else up.

You can do this already using your FX templates,

If you save the settings you want into FX templates and then save them to your library they will be available for all showfiles/ any new Showfiles you make

I was meaning more for if I get an idea during a show and it’s something I don’t already have it in my library. Or for when I do a show on someone else’s system I could hit a preference and it’s set. That would give me a starting point for any FX I’m building.

you could make a whole selection of FX templates with all of these ideas/settings and keep them on a stick and import them to any machine or show that dose not have them,

not exactly what your asking for but would get you very close