Delete a cuelist

There have accumulated well over a hundred cuelists, most of which are not useful anymore. How do I delete cuelists? I’ve tried selecting them and hitting delete on the keyboard, used the menu delete cue, nothing seems to work to make them delete.

Select them all within a quick picker, right click and press “delete”

Alternatively you could use the CMD:

@jack.moorhouse thank you, the cuelist chooser delete worked, but the command line didn’t. This is an old install still on Vista3 R2, and typing D to start didn’t fill out delete, and DE opened up Effect. I have a solution with the chooser, but wanted to understand if there was something else in the command line I was missing with R2. There is a hesitation to change versions, so that’s a different issue to overcome, and out of scope for this question.

Delete is “ALT +D”. D is "edit.

The CMD to delete cuelists would therefore be:
“ALT+D W 1 / 99” [enter]