Quick store / Quick update


Since the addition of the CMD in V3 it’s become allot easier to store in from live this is how I prefer to build most of my lists,

But the dialogue box that pops up every time you hit store or update can get very tiresome, especially if your are programming for theatre or for another LD as you need to keep up with a very fast string of commands many off then being

Record cue xx
Update to track
Update Q only
Update Qs x through y
Copy from Q x
Copy to Q x
Label/relabel Q x

All of these things bring up separate dialogue boxes before an enter command I’d like a way to just set my recording/updating settings and skip this box “Quick store” / “Quick update”

And to be able to label things In the same command string e.g.

Store Q 1 Time 3/5 Label HL Down Enter

Another Related thing to this is a button on the virtual keypad that toggles tracking/q only for quick update command strings e.g.

Update Q1 Qonly enter
Update Q2 track enter

I hope some of this makes sense ? and apologies for possibly asking for the same thing in multiple different ways … :stuck_out_tongue:

Also once a cue has been stored can we have a setting that puts you in the last cue stored automatically and clears live :slight_smile:

Short answer; yes, that makes sense. The long answer, it is extremely complicated due to Vista being primarily GUI driven rather than command line driven.

With that being said, a revamp of the Store window to simply options is in the pipeline.

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awsome !

it must be difficult to add CMD to GUI rather than the other way round !