Q-view on all screens

It would be nice to when editing a cue list, and having a fixture chooser open on an external Monitor, that it would also go to the Q-view state that the main screen can.

Ie: I have my Front lights on an external monitor, and the rest of the my rig on the main monitor, Q-view would switch both the main rig, and the front light view to q-view.

I hope that make since.



+1 like this idea :bulb: :ok_hand:

+1, if it’s an optional feature.

+1 and… (8 characters:))

I am sure this is already in our system somewhere, but in case it isn’t I have just added it again as VST-5210

I have made the feature request larger than just Q-View.

  • Live
  • Programmer
  • Stealth
  • Qview

Should all be able to filter the fixture chooser output - on each individual fixture chooser :slight_smile: