New pc hardware

Hi :slight_smile:
I try to spec, a new Intel Ghost Nuc pc for my Vista setup Is this still the recommend spec.:

Windows :
Windows 10 (Pro recommended) for UD512, M1, S1 & S3.
Windows 10 Pro for I3 & L5.
Windows OS prior to Windows 10 are not supported.
Intel® processor i3 (i5 or better recommended).
4GB of RAM (8GB or higher recommended).
4GB of available hard disk space

and what about graphics card?

Hi @Mikkel.Bedsted ,

Yes those are the specifications.

We don’t usually need to specify a specific graphics card. Modern onboard graphics are good enough, but if you want to add a dedicated graphics card, it won’t harm of course.

The Ghost nuc will surely be a powerhouse of a machine :slight_smile:

Intel Nucs are great. I have specified quite a lot of them over the years and I have yet to have an issue with any of them. I even have a couple running our office lighting, power cycled everyday and running all day for years. These are the normal “baby” ones ranging from I3-I7s.

I also have the older “Skull canyon” that I like to bring out now and again. This can run a visualizer reasonably well for tradeshow demos + media server. So I have no doubts that the Ghost Nuc will be awesome.

I am jealous of your new toys :stuck_out_tongue:

(I’d also recommend a Samsung EVO SSD - they are excellent too!)


hi @jack.moorhouse

THanks! The only reason why I would love to go with a Ghost Nuc is because of the option to get more USB ports on the computer, so I don’t need a hub :slight_smile:

Let see if the rest of the company can approve a update of the system :crossed_fingers:

@jack.moorhouse So this one should be powerful enough to run shows with 20+ movinglights and some pixel bars ala the Astera AX1? :slight_smile:

@Mikkel.Bedsted I would say that should be fine.

This Nuc’s processor is likely to be more powerful than an L5 :slight_smile:

@jack.moorhouse Perfect thanks! I see if I can convince the rest of the company that some money should be spent :slight_smile: Do you think it is possible to use two screens on that system? (sorry for all the questions, but my knowledge of building a computer is unfortunately quite limited)

No problem !

Yes it will be. They technically support up to 3.

I regularly use 2 with Vista :slight_smile:

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