Is it possbile to bind a virtual console to a MIDI controller?


I’m currently using a M1 with a 512 DMX usb dongle and it works great.
However I’m really missing out on not having any Tilt or Pan wheel on my M1.

So I was wondering, is it possible to bind a MIDI controller to either
A) a tilt and a pan button?
Or B) to a virtual Console, like an L5 for example?

I am using a Samson Graphite MF8 MIDI Controller and I successfully were able to bind it to Play/releasing Cues so maybe the possbility to either Tilt or Pan also works?

Thankful for any kind of response.

you CAN use a virtual console for any of the consoles that have the rotary encoders

No, it is not possible to do what you are after at this time.