Feature suggestion poll/list

it’s more a forum feature suggestion and you won’t probably do this for multiple (business) reasons but i think it would be great if there is an oversight/table of “feature suggestions” so it’s easier to see what problems/idea’s/suggestions people have.

It’s also easier to +1 idea’s which we maybe didn’t think off but could use pretty good.

Including a timeline for suggested idea’s would even be better but thats probably confidentiality/trade secret :stuck_out_tongue:

We have considered that one before but maintaining such a list would be a challenge. Honestly I have to say that if we did have a public list, 95% of the items on there would already be on the development list.

Timeline for such items is almost impossible to nail down. Something that may seem like a simple little change can end up being a massive backend rework. We have to keep our timelines flexible if we run into those types of things. Occasionally we have to bypass something we thought was easy (and a fun improvement) for a few items that actually are easy. Additionally there is still quite a bit of boring backend code cleanup happening in the background. This is the stuff that no one sees but it makes fixing and adding new features easier in the future.

We are also in the process of tweaking our support ticketing system which may allow us a bit more flexibity in showing the development pipeline. For now though the best way for feature suggestions is here on the forum as we have been doing.

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@ben.coleman beat me to it.

Feel free to post your top 5 here (and other users can do the same).

Having said this, I’d say we do probably already know what the top items will be, from daily interactions with our customers. These often form the starting piont of future roadmaps, alongside other factors.

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