Export Gobo images so it can be seen on other computers?

Hi there. We’re using V3 21910. I, and 2/5 other volunteers are on Apple. The others are on Windows. I created a profile on our main computer (Mac). Our volunteers use Capture at home to program. I made images for the gobos, but when the show is opened on any other computer (Apple or Windows), it says “No Image” for the gobo.

I know on Mac, the gobo images are stored in the Application Package Contents, so I’m assuming even if I stored the images, it would only be in MY application… not everyone else’s… Is there any way to save the show and imbed the gobo images within the show or something?

Manually copy the images from your Mac to the installation path of the Windows machine:
For example
C:\Program Files (x86)\Chroma-Q\Vista3\FixtureTypeLibrary\Images\gobos

I’d expect the gobo images to appear after a restart of Vista.