Enhanced external window functions


I think that every dockable window on the main screen should be dockable on the external windows, with easy drag-and-drop between screens. Some of these includes the “virtual console display”, record timecode view and all of the features/smart FX windows. I would also love to store whole layouts on the external screens (the same way you store layouts in the fixture chooser, but for the whole screen).


You can do this now ! if you go to the dockable window options you can ‘send to screen’ this allows you to put any window on any screen !

see below !

You are a lifesaver! I still think drag-and-drop should be a thing though :slight_smile:

Dragging and dropping may be a difficult thing to do. It is possible that it could lead to “lost” windows if something isn’t fully moved properly.

I believe it was something that was tried early on but it never really worked correctly. The current implementation is much more predicable right now.

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Follow-up on this:

I took some time and played around with this more today, and as Robert said you can “send to screen” on some windows, but not all. It doesn’t work on the toolbars and the “learn timecode” window for example, same as with the smart effect tab.

I also realize that you can store layouts using snapshots, but i still think that a system like pages/layouts in the fixture chooser is a good idea.