"Custom" 7th Main window would be nice

I’d like to have a 7th Main window that I can fully customize and dock whatever I want, in the layout I want. (I realize that I can essentially do that on external screens, but right now I only have one screen so I have to do everything in the Main window.)

When playing back the show I like to make the window layout similar to below.

Unfortunately I can’t dock all these windows in this layout on any of the current Main windows. So for now I just use the “Console” Main window with the Playback, Fixture Chooser, and Time windows undocked. At least luckily the new Window Workspace Snapshot makes it easy to save and recall this layout. But it would be great to have a 7th “Custom” Main window (the yellow square on the screenshot) that we could select and dock whatever windows we want to, in whatever layout we want.

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Hi Joel,

Thanks for the feedback. This is something that we have discussed internally.

By no means take my post as a promise that this will definitely happen, but I can let you know that you are thinking along the same lines as the developers :slight_smile:

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+1 here, would be very useful

yeeees one more +1 !

Empty window except main bar on the top and everything dockable would really be awesome.
And if this is possible - would it be a problem to make more then one of these? :smiley: O:)

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