Fixture Arrangement Custom Shape

Not sure if this is the right place for this as I don’t know if it is a current feature or not. Let me know if I need to move it.

We are getting some Chauvet Rogue R3 Washes in a few weeks to add to our stage design at our church and I was looking into getting them patched in to play with them in Vista a little before they get here. When I patched in the fixture, in any profile other than 21 channel mode, I noticed that there appeared to only be two elements to the fixture, an oval that was element one and a circle to its lower right that would appear to be element two. After playing with it for a little while, I realized that the circle in the lower right was actually elements 2-9 stacked on top of themselves. No big deal, I’ll go into the custom arrangement tool and fix that. When I got into the arranger, I noticed that while I can move all nine elements and scale them larger or smaller, there was no way to make the oval a circle or to change the circles to any other shape. Is it possible to change the shape so that I can make the arrangement layout closer match the actual layout on the fixture or would this be a feature request that I would need to submit and hope it gets implemented?

Changing the shape of elements in the fixture arrangement is currently not implemented,

But yes that would be a nice addition so i will +1 it now i think its a good idea !

This is VST-3933

+2 added.

The entry is for custom fixture icons in the chooser and changing the element shape of multi elements too.

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You should probably put this in the “Feature Suggestions” section.

It’s all good.
The important bit is the VST-XXX number. This means it is logged in our database. Where it comes from on the forum actually doesn’t matter so much.