Change output dmx into S1


There is a way to change de dmx out to dmx in into the surface S1?
With the artnet there is possibilty to change dmx out to dmx in.
If i put a enttec in artnet and i change the dmx port in input, there is possibility to record input values?
I have a S1 and i would like to recort a show do with shamsys. Is it possible to connect the shamsys mq50 to a vista and record the output value into vista?

Sorry my enghlish is poor…
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No. Vista currently does not support DMX in.

Its difficult to do this for the next update?
In europe vista its unknow! I work with this system untill 2007 or mayby lather. I want to work with vista yet. But on theatre and all the desklight is shsmsys or GrandMa2 or 3…if is possible to record the cue from the other consol with the input fmx…i continue with vista… if its not possible, i have to change into shamsys

It is on the list but not for the next update.

This is quite complicated and requires massive amount of work on the backend to process incoming data. There are a number of other things that are on the list with higher priority.

Ok, thank you