Warm white rather than cool white in the fixture chooser

Typically I’ll do a color fan from cool white to a color (like cool white to blue) across multiple fixtures. I found this to be pretty easy by selecting the fixtures, holding down ctrl and dragging a box in the features/color window (not sure what to call that). There was a request to use warm white instead of cool white. I was wondering if there’s a pretty easy way to do this? I’m hoping I’m missing something obvious

As a workaround I’ll manually select the colors of each fixture.

It’s not perfect, but I was able to re-create this idea with the RGB gradient sliders.

I think the best approach is to use the RGB sliders to create your gradient. So in this case, to go from blue to warm white, I need to fade from 100% blue & 40% green (giving me a light blue look) to 100% red, 95% green, & 60% blue (giving me a warm white color, since it’s white but with a little less blue compared to red/green).

The trick here is to understand how Vista does selection orders with gradients. To create a gradient, hold down command (mac) or control (windows) and drag the slider, you’ll get this light blue bar with handles on each end that you can adjust. Depending on the direction that you drag when you first start, it will change the order.

So what you need to do is create the blue gradient in one direction, and then the green and red gradients in the other direction. This should get you the look you’re going for.

That being said, since I don’t have physical fixtures set up, I don’t know how it will actually look in real life. But with some careful adjustments I think you can get the look you’re going for. (And honestly, just manually setting the colors also works, especially if you only have a few fixtures. Sometimes your eyes will help you get better gradients than the computer will.)

Hope that helps!