Tell where a value is coming from

How do I see where a fixture’s value is coming from? For instance if I have fixture A and it’s set to use preset 80, and in that preset the fixture is at 80%. The fixture chooser would show a value of 80 on it. Is there a way I can visually see (preferably in the fixture chooser) where that value is coming from?

Another similar thing, is how to tell if a manually input value is in use. For instance if fixture A is set to 40% output because I selected the fixture and put it at 40% through features (or keyboard). Is there a way I can tell that is a manual value that’s being used?

This is all shown in the output window. You can keep track of what a fixture is doing and also where it is getting its information from

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On the output screen, right click and select Source mode and it will tell you where each fixture is getting its current output from. I.e: cue list, programmer, etc.

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