How to test Vista V3 beta

I really like to start trying Vista V3.
But after 3 times filling out the form and sending 2 emails to Chroma-Q, I do not get in contact.

I have checked my spam-box and I have no blocked contacts.

Any ideas?

Hi Jeroen,

I am afraid you emailed a different Chroma-Q email address which the people you need to speak to don’t have access to usually.

Furthermore, our records show that the beta emails were sent to your gmail address but for some reason, outside of our control, they were not delivered. Please ensure you have white listed

Having said this, I have now found you in the system and have sent you a personal email.


Hello Jack,

I have received your personal email.
Thank you for your quick response.


Hi Jack i am also experiencing this problem multiple trys and also used diffrent emails, i recieve the initial email saying we will let you know. But no further emails, i have white listed the [] email. Anyhelp much appreciated. J

I have been in contact with another person of Chroma-Q. It seems that if you ever have unsubsribed from the mailing list, you might not receive the Vista-V3 beta download link.

Hi Jason,

When did you sign up and what company name did you use?

I cant actually find you in our database of customers, which would potentially explain why you are not receiving our mailshots.

Can you email with the email address you used to sign up and I will look into it for you. In the very worst case I will be able to manually forward you the links.


Thanks Jack i just emailed the support email. With my account email. Lifeonfour*******@g****.com

Hi Jack. I am also experiencing this problem with 2 different emails, I receive the initial email saying we will let you know, but no further emails. A friend sent me the download link, but I would love to receive your emails for updates. Any help would be much appreciated. Philippe

Hi Philippe,

I am pretty sure we have you in our system, and that we have sent you the emails. (I can see that we have).

Email me at and detail the email addresses you have been attempting to use and I will be able to look into it further.


Hi everybody!

I am Jose Marte, and I am a PSAV lighting technician and The same has happened to me at least 3 times filling out the form for the beta try out access , and No success with my Email yet. If you could help me please I will appreciate it.

Hi Jose,

Email us at with the email address you signed up with and we will investigate.

Some people have previously unsubscribed from all marketing, which is why they have not received the mail.

Others have been blocked as spam.