FX template stop button

Friday night we had a special service and i went to use the FX Template to make the lights dance during the service. the problem I had was i have not way of stopping the lights and i had to make the room go dark and turn the lights back on during the service. where or how can i stop the motion during a live service?
Kevin C

If you want to stop a Live FX template you can use the stop FX button in the FX engine or you can change one of your tool bar (F keys) to be a stop FX button,

I tend to not use FX templates Live and simply use them as Templates to build new FX - i put all my FX in Cue lists for better control

What i would do is put your FX in a cue list and simply use a toggle play button and set it to be a play and release Q list this way its a simple button push and you dont have to deal with FX in live

Hey Robert Price,
Sorry i have so busy with work and church. i went into the Smart FX and click on the FX i wanted the lights to do and then i found the Stop effect button and it returned the light back to normal. Yeah me i figured it out. I can now make the lights dance and be able to control them if i want to. thanks for your help on this issue. if I need you i will definitely get on here to ask you a question!!! :slight_smile:

No Problem !

There are lots of people on the forum who can answer your questions so dont hesitate to post any queries you have !