Fixture Profile Request Update

i have requested some fixtures from the brand Color Imagination and its has been 4 days since the requested date i wanted it by. @admins @VistaSupport @jack.moorhouse Can i please get a update on my fixture requests. I will pay money if that is needed to get these profiles made quicker. The fixture id is below in the screenshot

Your fixture requests gave us 1 working days notice from your submission to target delivery date.
Complete fixture requests, with all control modes, provided by our third party library supplier usually takes 2-4 weeks.
To be brutally honest, poor planning on our customer’s side does not equal an emergency on ours.
We provide all of the tools for users to create their own fixture profiles, using our in built fixture editor. This is documented in our user manual and there are explanatory videos online. This is the same tool that we use to create fixture profiles, should we need to stop everything we are doing and look at these last minute requests.

We actually already have all of these requests from another user, I suspect you might know the person involved, as it’s unusual to get the exact same requests in close succession.

Flyeye 715HF - also FIXT-1893 - scheduled for delivery to us from our supplier on the 1st December
Smartbeam150 - also FIXT-1894 - scheduled for delivery to us from our supplier on the 1st December
Flat Par 1810IP - also FIXT-1895 - scheduled for delivery to us from our supplier on the 24th November
PICARC 1410FIP - also FIXT-1896 - scheduled for delivery to us from our supplier on the 24th November

Having said this, we are not completely heartless, we do try to assist as much as possible.
I will reply to your actual tickets with some suggestions. We have some profiles, under a different brand badge, that are the same fixture for some of them.

Best regards

Thank you so much for your help! My porduciton company is changing so much info and things last moment (1 day before event) and im kinda freaking out. Sorry if i came out agressive or in a bad manner, im just really stressed because other companies and items are not going my way.

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Jack isn’t just pushing haze. When we did the Superbowl in Atlanta, Jack answered a desperate message from me on their FB forum. I had an issue with 3 light personalities from 2 manufacturers that didn’t even lamp. The most fixtures I’ve ever connected to a single Vista, the Superbowl is a big deal. He had people calling me from literally all over the planet to offer help. A wonderful man with a delightful British accent called me and said it was something awful in the AM, where he was. Apparently Jack had asked him if he could figure it out for me. He (not ChromaQ) rebuilt the problematic fixtures that I just couldn’t get to behave, even in the editor. I was told (by them) that its not something they really deal with, because most of the time its an issue from the manufacturer, or the third party. They were absolutely as helpful as they could be, with very little time, Jack particularly.

If he can help your, he will. They saved me, my baby (L5) and a MASSIVELY high profile gig, but it took a village, myself included, a couple days to get the fixtures playing nice. Really great staff, I can’t say enough. But, thanks again Mr. Moorhouse. Without ya I would’ve had a lot of explaining to do, I had haters trying to get me to bring one of our MA’s or Hogs and I am just not fond of them, after almost 15 yrs on more than one Vista. They made the Vista so much better and ACTUALLY have helpful people - unlike the issues I had with Jands over the years. The EX is wonderful, also.

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