Edit/Open Cuelist Dialog Size

Feature suggestion:
Could the Edit Cuelist (used to be Open cuelist) dialog box remember whatever size you last set it to?

I often use lengthy names, so it would be nice to be able to resize the dialog box so I could see the full name of my cuelists, and it stay that same size each time I open it afterwards. (this would be on a per showfile basis, aka it wouldn’t save across showfiles, only to the current showfile.)

Also, I noticed it’s possible to resize the width of the ID column, but could it be changed so that the “Content” column width can be changed as well?


Hi Drew,

You raise a question that I don’t think anyone has asked before.

The “contents” column can actually be resized. You can see this for yourself if you move the contents column to the left. It’s “name” that can not - which just seems like an error from years gone by.


I will ask the question if the window can remember the previous settings, although it might be easier to just increase the default sizes / arrangements for everyone.

Worst case scenario, we could potentially just double the width?


Added as VST-5265.

The enhancement is to fix the width of the “content” column and make the window size larger by default.

If you double the width, I would also suggest adjusting the height to about 150% of the original value, just to keep the width/height ratio visually pleasing and adequate for scrolling through longer lists of cuelists. However, if you double the width, and adjust the height as well, it will make the entire box quite large onscreen, probably larger than it needs to be or should be, considering its purpose and how it fits with the rest of the user interface.
Personally, I think the size in the image below feels like the best height/width ratio, plus the best width of columns.


It likely won’t be double width., that was just an example. I should have said “increase the width and height”.

Your comments echo that of our software developers. We will likely be able to increase the size to solve your issue, whilst still keeping it visually pleasing :slight_smile:

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All of these issues have been fixed overnight by our wonderful dev team :slight_smile:

That was quick!

Does that mean there’s a new build available for download? Or will these just be in the next public beta?


Hi Drew,

Yeah, our software team are truly awesome !

Whilst the code is fixed there is some more procedure that needs to happen, which is basically pushing the fix and building a new version of Vista that includes it.

The next step would be releasing this version as a private beta. (We tend to do many more private betas in-between the public betas.) Then public beta.

I will look out for the version and let you know when there is a version you can provide feedback on.


Cool! Yeah, I could definitely take a look at the next beta with these updates.