Hi Vista’s Team,

I am Vectorworks user for a long time. It would be extremely useful implementing .mvr file import for fixture patch. I use MVR and GDTF standard in my works and this is super fast patch migration between software and system. What do you think about this?

Hello Robert,

We are continuing to monitor this standard and it is absolutely on our wish list of features.
Having said this, it’s not on any near future development roadmaps. The reality is that it would require a significant amount of resource to implement. Additionally, even if we did implement these features today, the reality is that they would not be applicable to a large percentage of our current user base. For example, the fixture manufacturers that many use also don’t support GDTF. Therefore we take the decision to use our resource to implement new features that help the majority of users at this moment in time.

… but we would like to do it eventually :slight_smile:


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Hello Jack,

OK, I know what you mean. GDTF can be complicated, but what do you thing about partial import patch from .MVR only? Then simple remapping fixtures to internal devices eg. by name? Recognize patch (fixture ID, Universe, Address only) shouldn’t be complicated in my opinion. Is Vista able to import patch from external file? It will helps me to quick start visualization if I can read patch from big project :slight_smile:

opensource library exist: GitHub - mvrdevelopment/libMVRgdtf
simple patch reader for reference:
another example of online mvr manager: MVR Artist - GDTF

Vista already able to import patch from external csv file. Patch - Import Patch File

Thanx, I will check this in my workflow