How to Select Matrix via Command Line

So I was recently working on better learning the vista command line, and I had an issue with selecting matrixes. It’s simple enough to select fixtures or groups (simple press f and the fixture number or g and the group number), but how do I select matrixes? I can’t find an ID of any sort for matrixes and (as far as I know) there is no way to select them via their names/labels. I looked through the Command Line manual PDF and couldn’t find anything on the topic.

It’s possible that the functionality simply isn’t there; in that case this would be more of a feature request/bug fix than a how do i? question. I’d really like to be able to able to select matrixes using the command line, as I’m working on a busking setup where I apply effects via the command line and at the moment I have no way of applying matrix effects.

Thanks for the help!

Matrix use groups to select, EG if I want to select matrix 201 I would type Group 201 Enter

you can also renumber and label a matrix from its group

I’ve tried this and it’s not functioning as I would expect. While I’m able to select the fixtures, I’m still unable to apply matrix effects to them.

In my showfile, I have a matrix of RGB 8s; by looking in the groups quick picker I’ve determined that this particular matrix has an ID of 31. If I type g 31 @ e 553, Vista should apply effect template 553 (Diamond Wave) to the matrix with the ID of 31. For some reason, Vista is properly selecting the fixtures but not selecting the matrix itself, so it’s unable to apply the matrix effect.

It seems you might have found a bug

Ive just gave it a try and if you select the matrix via a QP it works but if you select the same group via the CMD it only selects the fixtures in the matrix


It is a bug. I have added the +1 to to VST 4617

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