Console Mode On and Off

Just switched to a dedicated Windows PC for running Vista. On install, I chose to NOT setup in console mode. However, now that things are up and running I would like to experiment with running in console mode. Is there an easy way to turn console mode on and off?

To install console mode - just re run the installer and check the “console mode” box.
Your computer will now always boot in console mode.

If you temporarily need to get back to desktop mode you have two options.

  1. press “file > reboot to desktop”. This restarts the machine and puts you in normal desktop mode.
    Next time you power cycle your computer Vista will again boot in console mode.

  2. Go to “file > user preferences” and tick “stay in desktop mode”. If you now press “file > reboot to desktop” the computer will again boot in desktop mode, but the difference this time is that it will continue to do so, even after a computer power cycle.

In both of the above methods, when you press the Vista shortcut a pop up will appear asking if you would like to restart and boot into console mode once again or continue in desktop mode.

To remove console mode (and that pop up):
Click the “stay in desktop mode” preference.
Fully uninstall the application.
Install again, but this time dont click console mode.

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