Vista 3 on M1 (Windows 10)

tried on three different machines, windows 10 is not able to find drivers for the M1 im using.

Previously using the m1 on an imac running sierra, the only thing the machine is used for is running vista, but i’ve had to stop because of a suspected kernel panic issue that i believe vista is causing. however between working 50 hour weeks away from home and running 2 events every weekend i haven’t had time to locate the issue.

can someone please shed some light on why the drivers aren’t publicly available online? it’s a massive inconvienience.

It’s highly unlikely Vista will cause a kernel panic.
You should submit an official support request. As a general rule we don’t provide detailed technical support on the forum - it isn’t the correct mechanism.

As for the drivers being made available online, they simply don’t need to be. The one you need is already packaged with the Vista installer and safely stored in your installation directory.

Have you read and followed the “windows drivers” troubleshooting tips we publish on our website?

I would suggest following these instructions and let us know how you get on in your support ticket if you still have issues.

it would be pretty helpful if you loaded that console driver troubleshooting to a hosted webpage so it gets indexed by search engines properly. having it behind password protection is ridiculous.

I also am reading through this technical bulletin and wondering why a company expects end users to go through multiple steps instead of patching their product or providing an application to do so.

I would respectfully disagree.

The correct thing to do would have been to submit an official support ticket. This is hosted and indexed on our website. This would be our preferred method of customer support, even if we end up referring back to the same support materials. The reason for this is we can then offer bespoke advice, should it be needed.
You don’t need a password for support or fixture requests.

The reason the software downloads are behind a customer log in wall is that without it we would have absolutely no idea who is downloading our software. This method enables us to directly communicate with our users for things like major software updates and patches.

In your specific scenario the software doesn’t need “patching” at all. It’s the computer that needs some help in it’s configuration, and for the record, the Vista installer normally does this automatically.

As for the tech note, there are 100s of variables that often need to be investigated or checked if for some reason the installer isn’t updating the drivers, hence why we ask our users to take some troubleshooting steps with us. This methodology is no different to any other technical support request you may encounter with any other company or product.

I assume you got it working ?
If not, submit a support request and we can further assist in those channels.