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About the Feature suggestions category (2)
To be able to select lights that are currently using a preset (5)
To be able to use Extracts in a swing effect (7)
Change Timecode settings with a Command (1)
Save inserted commands in a cue as an extract (1)
Salvataggio preset (2)
Ability to copy/save raw output (copy actual output from effects instead of the base-point of that effect) (1)
Stop FX button linked to groups (3)
General Device Type Format (2)
Control Cues with Pro Presenter (6)
Undo/Redo history (1)
Convert to FX option (1)
Rem Dim function (3)
On screen toggle (2)
Option for flash up and down times / flash key master (3)
Store cue syntax (3)
Use that little orphan button as add a cue (2)
Next and last (1)
Release All Cuelists when shutting down (5)
LTC External Input (2)
External window docking of Features/components/SmartFX (1)
New fixture output view (1)
Select if command (2)
Previz blind output (2)
Better Multi Touch options in chooser (1)
Timed sleep/shut-off for Vista consoles (6)
Smart FX - A way to Create a FX and have a go button (3)
Jump command with live time (2)
Assign intensity encoder to fader for m1 users (1)
Missing Shortcuts Edit Cue page (3)